indoor chemical closures

Chemicals (Indoor)

Weatherchem now offers LiquiFlapper® and Flapper® Cap closures for the indoor chemical products market. Regulated more than many other industries, chemical products must be packaged in materials that can withstand harsh liquids and other substances, provide excellent barrier properties to prevent leakage, and dispense without glugging, spilling, or creating a mess.

Our LiquiFlapper closures are a perfect complement to any chemical packaging concept centered on household liquid chemicals, while the variety of sizes and dispensing options available for the original Flapper Cap closure can handle just about any requirement imaginable for dry chemicals.

Environmentally friendly products are increasing in popularity, such as organic and natural cleaners. Increasing use of cleaning product refills, naturally derived ingredients, and highlighted promotion of eco-friendly features on the package all testify to the augmented sensitivity of today’s consumer to the natural solutions to the household needs traditionally met by chemically derived products.

Weatherchem’s LiquiFlapper is also finding acceptance by brand packagers responsible for household refill containers, since it’s perfect for providing controlled directional dispensing into smaller packages.

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