Anatomy of a Closure

The most effective closures that enhance brand packaging bring together design and functionality. What options are available to help drive shelf impact and build brand loyalty?

Make an Impact with Decorative Plastic Caps and Closures

Itís no secret that customized plastic caps and closures boost shelf impact, drive sales and build brand loyalty. This infographic highlights the true impact of attractive packaging and features seven decorative options that will make your next package design stand out from the crowd.

Senior-Friendly Caps and Closures

Package designers are now creating caps and closures that meet the needs of the growing senior population. But what makes a plastic closure senior friendly? Which types of packaging are preferred by the elderly? Check out the infographic to learn more.

4 Key Questions That Lead to Great Package Designs

Package designers are concerned about enhancing the functionality and shelf impact of their products. The first step in achieving your next great design is answering Weatherchem's four key questions about plastic packaging.

Plastic Closures for Nutrition Packaging: MegaFlap Flips, CT Closure Flops

What do nutrition package designers really want? Convenience, safety, freshness and shelf impact! This infographic explains why Weatherchemís innovative MegaFlap closure will make your customers flip! Also, learn why the CT closure design flops with your customers.

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